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Monday, April 9, 2012

[Easter Egg Hunt] Super coupons my kids found in the eggs - a mom's guilt and questions

One of my favorite holidays is over.
Well, to tell you the truth,
I love all the holidays :)

Did Easter bunny come and hide eggs at your home last Saturday night?
The Easter Bunny("E.B")came to our house and hid 23 eggs in tricky places.
The E.B. put a coupon in each egg.  And guess what? He was uber generous and showered kids with super coupons.
I sneaked the list out :)
There were two same coupons of 11 different items:
(2 x 11 different couponed eggs + 1 null egg = 23 hidden eggs)

1. This coupon allows you to have 3 bedtime story books.
(We read only 2 bedtime stories. 3 is an extra + for them)

2. This coupon is good for a trip to IKEA for dinner
(My older son likes IKEA salmon dish and my younger son likes their meatball and soft ice cream for dessert)

3. This coupon is good for a trip to McDonald's
(They love McDonald, but it is not our frequent place)

4. This coupon is good for one extra dessert after dinner
(Seriously, who wouldn't like this coupon?)

5. This coupon is good for a trip to Walmart for a small Lego
(My kids are, like so many kids, crazy about lego. They love Star Wars, and also Ninjago)

6. This coupon allows you to play outside two hours in the weekend.
(This is extra incentive for my kids. We usually let them play 1 hour or so)

7. This coupon allows you to recover your missing dessert
(If they fight, or take too long time to finish their dinner, or for one or another reason, they lose their dessert after dinner. They are obviously upset when they lose dessert. They just loved this coupon)
8. This coupon allows you to sleep with your brother in your bed.
(Especially my younger son loved this coupon. Sometimes he is scared of dark. He is fine with his much older brother, who actually is only 27 months older than him)

9. This coupon allows you to sleep in your sleeping bag.
(I don't know why, but my kids like camping :( in the house. They ask if they can sleep in their sleeping bags time to time. With this coupon, they will be allowed to sleep in the sleeping bags.)
10. This coupon allows you for good tickling before bedtime.
(This is a super snuggle time. My boys love it. At what age wouldn't they want it anymore, I wonder?)

11. This coupon allows you to have a can of soda.
(My boys are not allowed to have a soda. I find they are too young to have soda. But, with this coupon, they will be allowed to have a can of soda)
The 23rd egg contained only jelly beans.
Would your kids like the above coupons?
My kids did and they went wild!
And here we felt guilty beacause of the contents of some coupons.
(We should blame the Easter Bunny who gave those coupons to our kids!!)
Here I start to wonder and want to ask you a couple of questions.
 Having a glass of champagne,
please see my questions below:

First, do you bring kids to McDonald's?
We do. I'd say at least 5-6 times a year.
Do you think it's too much?
People say it's junk food. But, I need a dose of some junk food sometimes.
Is this Easter Bunny a malicious E.B. to give McDonald trip coupons to our own kids?

Second, do you allow your kids to drink soda? From what age?
I tell my kids not to drink soda until they stop growing. (I told them most sodas contain caffeine and tell they cannot fully grow if they intake caffeine. Yes. you can call me sly, because I can be sly in this way)

Oh, I have one more question.
Have you made a Kraft dinner for your kids?
Would you say it's okay to make it as a meal for kids?
My eldest asked me why I've never made a Kraft dinner? (He asks me usually when one of his classmates brought Kraft dinner in a thermos for lunch) I've never tried it before. Does it taste good?
I get slightly offended when my kids ask me why I don't make a Kraft dinner for them. I make pretty decent Mac & cheese, from the scratch. Why do they want to try Kraft dinner.

Please tell me your opinion on the three questions above. Thanks~

Easter Egg Hunt


  1. Hi Colleen: What a fun and wonderful post this has been! Of your questions, well, we used to take our kids to McDonald's once in a while. Why not?! And every once in a while we all craved Kraft's mac & cheese, but we'd add a can of tuna and fresh tomatoes, and some cream cheese too. Yum! And we only allowed our kids to have soda VERY rarely.

    By the way, I LOVE champagne!!

    Virtual hugs Amiga!

    1. Virginia,
      thanks for coming so quickly! I touched all over again :)
      Okay. I think I should (or we all should, as a family) try Kraft Mac & Cheese. If you think it's okay, I believe it must be okay.
      I'll let you know once try K's mac&cheese. :)
      About McDonald's, thanks for the comforting opinion. It really soothes my guilt!
      You are a great friend! Have a nice short week!