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Monday, July 16, 2012

[Upgraded sandwich] Arugula - The easiest trick to add value to any sandwich

Before I write, I must let you know first that this should be a really quick memo-like posting.
I just want to share my super easy trick to upgrade a sandwich.
What is your favorite lunch item (at work or at school)?
I like all kinds of leftovers  :)
However, my real favorite lunch would be sandwich.
I enjoy any kind of sandwich from a simple ham & cheese one to a gourmet Niçoise sandwich.
(My favorite sandwich in the whole world is club sandwich.
What is your favorite filling in your sandwich?
(The above is cabbage tuna sandwich)
As I said above, I am not picky with the ingredients.
However, there is one thing you can add quickly before topping a sandwich with a slice of bread.

 There must be a lot of different final touch to add value to sandwich such as roasted red pepper or marinated artichoke heart. But, the only thing is that most ingredients for final touch matches only with very specific types of sandwich.
However, this final touch works for nine out of ten sandwiches, based on my extensive experience.
Guess what it is.
It's baby arugula. :)
You can also call it rocket salad or rucola.
It is a leaf vegetable, which has a peppery flavour as strong as a herb like basil. It is rich in vitamin C and potassium. It has been cultivated in Italy, but now grows in various places in the world.
I like arugula in general because of its rich peppery bitter taste.
It is such a refreshing green leaf I dare to toss in any salad.
I prefer baby arugula to full-size arugula.
I use only baby arugula for my sandwiches, but it's up to you.
I'm growing arugula in my vegetable garden, but it seems that I need more than what I grow.
 I pile this much to my sandwiches.
Arugula has such a powerful distinctive taste which matches surprisingly, but perfectly with any other ingredients.
  Trust me and add baby arugula leaves on top of all other fillings.
I am very certain that you would love it. :)

Baby Arugula



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