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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

[Feux sur Glace] Fire on the ice at the Old Port of Montreal

I worked as a line person, or line umpire last weekend in Laval, Quebec.

Since I had a training with Tennis Canada last year, I've had chances to do the roving for junior tournaments and work at professional challenger tournaments.

Kids and Mr. D came to see a couple of matches on the second day.

I get nervous when I'm on court, but get better each time. :) I must double check with supervisor :)

It was the end-of-Christmas-holidays treat for kids as they loved staying at a hotel.
Also, as it was the first time they came to see me to a match, they were all excited.

(Night views of Montreal)

On Saturday evening after the matches, we went to the Vieux-Port de Montréal (Old Port of Montreal) where TELUS hosted Fire on Ice musical fireworks every Saturday evening at 8 p.m. from December to the first weekend of January.

Originally we had planned to skate on the Old Port's outdoor skating rink, the Bonsecours Basin which was known as one of the best spots to enjoy the fireworks. 

So we, or more precisely Mr. D, carried all of our skate gears including the kids' huge helmets to the site.

Hélas~ We must have underestimated Montreal people!
The 100 meter (or 330 feet) long queue in front of the ticket office and the jam-packed ice rink daunted us.
We quickly gave up the idea of skating there.
Instead, we just enjoyed the snow. 

We waited for the fireworks over 40 minutes. 
It was a little long, but it was doable as the temperature was not that low.
Kids got really excited since it's a very very rare occasion they were allowed to stay awake after 8 p.m.

Still, it was worth waiting!
 The show was absolutely fascinating. 

The sky was filled with creative fireworks that were carefully choreographed.
The musical fireworks enlightened the air over the St. Lawrence river.

Fireworks were free. 
BUT! the parking was $18.
$18 was the flat rate for the event, i.e. fireworks, which I found a rip-off.

Well, but if you skate for a couple of hours and watch fireworks, $18 might be an acceptable fee.

Despite the outrageous parking fee, the fireworks were worth watching~ :D

The fireworks we saw was the last one of the season.

It starts on the first Saturday of December, just to let you know, for the next season. :)

Feux sur Glace


  1. Line person, wow! I didn't know it was open to general public with training. Seems like a great way to be involved in tennis, other than just watching and playing it. Will I be able to see you in ATP 500 or 1000 events in a couple years? maybe Rogers Cup? Any chances of being a chair umpire?

    Night views of Montreal and the fireworks look very nice. I'd say whoever came up with the idea of fireworks is quite clever:)

    Australian Open's just around the corner and I can't wait! Novak obviously is the favorite of the tournament, but I really hope Rog wins.. if not than Andy or Delpo,but not Nole.

    It's a little late, but happy new year to you and your family :D

    1. Hi Julia,
      happy new year to you!

      I hope I can make Rogers Cup next year. Let's see how I manage this year first.

      We all loved the fireworks. My kids saw the fireworks for the first time in their lives and they got totally fascinated.

      Yes. 2013 Australian Open kicked off a couple of hours ago. I posted a super-biased prediction. You might concur with me though. See here:

      I hope to see Fed lifting his fifth Australian Open trophy.

      Have a nice week and watch as many matches as possible! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Colleen, It's been a while since I visited here. ^^
    Your kids look enjoying and having fun a lot there. That reminds me of my Montreal trip at last fall. I and my husband liked the old Montreal place too.
    Actually there's a such nice tennis court in my apartment, I dont't go there because I can't play tennis so I just used to watch people playing it there from my window.
    Maybe some othere time I may learn it.
    Have a good week, Colleen. Bye!
    Oh, I baked the almond meal cookies before, it was really truly owesome. It just melts in my mouth when it'still hot. Haha! Thanks.

    1. Hi Chae-young,

      good to see you again.
      We like Montreal too. We all have lots of fun each time we go there.

      You should take tennis lessons. It's a great sport~
      Thanks for liking my recipes. I appreciate it.

      Have a nice day!