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Sunday, March 3, 2013

[February 2013] Skiing & Babysitting Guinea Pigs

i) Everything is so much easier to learn when you are young, especially sports and music instruments. I learned piano for over 8 years since I was 5 years old. I didn't enjoy taking lessons twice a week. Practicing the same piece for 10 times, if I were lucky. Playing a same piece for 20 times was a real grind. But, look at me. I play piano more often than my kids who have been taking piano lessons since last September. Playing piano now is so much fun when there is no practice homework to do. :) Now do I appreciate that my mom forced me to learn piano. :) There is a right (?) age to learn certain things.  I skied for the first time when I was 12 years old which I find a bit late, especially when you are not so athletic. I wish I started a few years earlier. It makes even a bigger difference from a year to another when you are young.
As Remi is already 8 going on 9, it was time to take to the slopes before it gets late.

I didn't ski for over 10 years since I had my left cross ligaments (partially) torn in Chamonix, even though I've been longing to ski downhills. 

I was so excited to ski again~ I wore the same one-piece ski suit I've been wearing since my twenties. It must be out of fashion, even though it never was a fashion item. It's a Degree 7 ski suit my friend Ingrid designed long time ago.

My kids skied for the first time at Calabogie Peaks resort, 100 km west of Ottawa.
They took a Discover package lesson for an hour, after which they could ski down the bunny hill. We stuck to bunny hill on first day.

When we went back to the resort the next day, we put each kid in a private lesson for an hour. 

After the first private lesson, kids could control speed!! We couldn't hit other slopes since we purchased only carpet lift pass for bunny hills.  

(Pablo @ bunny hill)
We promised kids to come back the following Saturday and explore other slopes.

(Remi @ bunny hill)
All these photos were taken on the second day of skiing.

On the following Saturday, kids had second private lessons. Instructors taught kids how to take the lift and get off. 

Kids become much more confident after the second private lesson and want to come down different slopes. I think one-hour group lesson and two sessions of private lessons were enough for now. 

Kids will need some more lessons when they need to upgrade their skills for the next level. Kids, especially Remi, love skiing. Hopefully we can keep up.

ii) When my friend Audrey asked me to babysit her two guinea pigs for two weeks while she will be snoozing in the south, as you can imagine, Remi and Pablo were over the moon. 

My kids have been begging for a pet. But, they don't even have a slim chance because of their mom. I don't dislike animals, but as I wrote a few times before, I am afraid of all the animals. In that sense, I'm pretty fair I guess as I am equally afraid of all of them. Therefore, my kids are guaranteed not to have any pet until they will be on their own.
If you want to see how my kids love animals, see our visit to Omega (Safari) Park here. We dropped by my friend's after Remi's piano lesson on Sunday, to take one spot lesson to hold  guinea pigs and clean their cage. 

My friend and her boyfriend brought the rodents last Tuesday. My friend spoiled her guinea pigs to the death. 

I still can't quite believe she gives only premium "handpicked" hay along with, celery, dry food, bell pepper, and lettuce. 

These rodents are always hungry and eats as much as pigs. That must be why they are called guinea "pigs." Mr. D is cleaning the cage daily. Even though he is an animal lover, he hates cleaning the  poops of rodents. One thing about these cochon d'Indes (guinea pigs in French) are unbelievably cute. 

Remi and Pablo want to pet them all the time while the G pigs want to hide all the time!
It's a different experience what we've never had. :) Kids are happy. It's a different experience, for sure, to have pets at home.

 We went to Sugar shack on Saturday and stuffed with pork rind, pancake, and maple ham. I will write a post about it very soon.

Skiing & Guinea Pigs


  1. I've never had a pet in my whole life because my mom was strongly against the idea of having a pet. Now I myself don't want that; personally I'm afraid of taking too much responsibility over a 'life'. Also, probably because I don't know how good it is to have it, which is a little bit sad. ;-) I think it's a good chance for Pablo and Remi to experience what it is like. I wish all 6 of you a great stay together.

    1. Hi tkinasub,
      your mom must have had a same idea as my dad and me. My feelings remain unchanged ~ so far.
      Kids are enjoying every moment!
      Thanks! Have a nice evening.