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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Favorite Condiments for Hot Dogs] Easy & Quick Barbecue Idea

It's always exciting to preheat the grill and have barbecue, isn't it? That's is one of the reasons I get exhilarated even more in Spring since we can start grilling again. :) I know that a lot of people do barbecue in the middle of the winter (if you don't know, Canadians are so crazy about barbecue!). 

And yes, we are crazy about barbecue, but not that crazy. :) 

We barbecue only from Spring to Fall. 

Usually I prepare the things to grill, and grilling is Mr. D's sole responsibility.  (Confession: I don't know how to ignite the barbecue grill.) Since April, we've been grilling at least twice a week. 

Personally, I like grilled steak and fish while Mr. D wants to grill everything and different things every week. 

It's fun to try different things on the grill, but, sometimes we also do a very simple barbecue what I can prepare in less than 5 minutes while it takes about 10 minutes for Mr. D to grill. 

Do you know what one of the most simple food, if not the most, to grill? Yes, it's hot dog, kids' all time favorite. It's delicious to spread some Dijon mustard on a big wiener, but I like a few condiments when I have a hot dog. Ketchup, yellow mustard and sauerkraut are the staple toppings. 

But, my favorite topping is olives, green or black or both. 

Have you tried olives on your hot dog? If you didn't, please do try as soon as possible. 
Olives upgrade your hot dog to a different level. :) I like to have a couple of hot pepper slices, but it doesn't play a critical role for the taste of hot dog. Relish is not my thing, but Remi really likes to have relish on his hot dog, just like millions of hot dog lovers :), while Pablo only wants lots of ketchup! 

I don't know why Mr. D didn't grill all beef wieners diagonally :( He made wieners look silly.
Still it tastes same :)
Don't forget to toast your hot dog buns for a minute. It makes a big difference :)
I am pretty sure it was the simplest barbecue you can imagine.
What is your favorite condiment for a hot dog?

I'll post a fantastic shish kebab recipe soon.

Grilled Hot Dog


  1. Hi Colleen~ Here is another crazy BBQ person. It's every husband's duty to grill, isn't it?
    I also have BBQ at least once a week. Last week I just failed to grill chicken satay. I'm so looking for your fantastic shish kebab recipe.
    My favorit hotdog's topping is olives and banana peppers. These are so addictive.(sour, spicy, and sweet) Weekend is just around the corner. Have a nice day! :)

    1. Hi YH, I find grilling should be every husband's hobby & joy. :)
      The shish kebab recipe I'll go to post is wonderful. It will not disappoint your expectations.
      I like banana peppers, too, even though I have never been able to finish a whole piece. Too spicy...
      TGIF! :)