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Sunday, November 17, 2013

[Peruvian Style Rice] Easy and tasty rice: A great main dish accompaniment

I got this recipe  from a friend's husband a few years ago, when he cooked a lunch for his wife and me when we were cramming for an exam. He made a delicious lunch. I liked the main dish very much, but the rice was so impressively delicious that I couldn't help but ask for the recipe. 

Gonzalo readily gave me his secret(?) recipe to make tasty rice in Peruvian style. It was easy enough to remember right away and scrumptious enough to make it over and over. 

I found that this Peruvian rice is a good accompaniment for just any main dish since it doesn't taste too bold, but not too plain either. I would recommend this rice for any occasion.  Hope you like it too. It's one wonderfully simple recipe.

Here goes the recipe for the rice in  Peruvian style~

2 cups basmati (or long grain) rice, washed and drained
1-2 cloves garlic, sliced
2 teaspoon  salt
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 + 1/2 cups cold water or upto the gradation marking for 2 cups of rice cooker
(Oops. I forgot to take an "ingredients" shot)

The amount of salt Gonzalo told me was this much :), but I just quantified it.


1. Heat the olive oil and saute the garlic over medium heat for about 30 seconds - 1 minute, but not until it's browned.

2. Add water and salt, and then rice. Cook until done. If you cook in a rice cooker, you can leave it until done. If you cook it on stovetop, Turn the heat up to bring the water to a boil, then turn the heat down as low as it can go, and then cover. Cook for 15 minutes.

3. Turn the heat off and fluff the rice with a fork.
While cooking it, you will smell a heaven. It's just so simple, isn't it? 

I'm sure anybody who would a very small scoop of this Peruvian rice would love it.

As I said above, any main dish would be a nice match with this one! :)

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  1. Yummm, simple and delicious! I love "Arroz con pollo peruano", which contains lots of cilantro. Therefore, I bet you would like it too;)
    Sorry for few comments recently. Went back to Korea for my brother's wedding and to Santiago de Chile (where I lived in 2011) for a seminar.. I was pretty busy but happy to visit my beloved places and meet up with my friends after a quite long time. I guess France would bring you such a nostalgia:)

    1. Hi Carolina,
      good to see you again! Oh... I'll remember~ Arroz con pollo Peruano. I should definitely try it.
      Glad you had a nice time at your beloved places.
      You know me too well I guess? :) I've never been in South America. But I drink Chilean and Argentine wines~ :) Have a nice day!

  2. Are there particular ones that you prefer? (I mean among Chilean and Argentine wines.) Any recommendation of an expert:) for those who have preference in dry and full-body wines?

    1. Hi Carolina,
      Even though Chile has different viticultural areas, typically no single area is superior to another, which mean no regions really matter. To be honest, no vintage matters either. Strong tannic wines like Bordeaux blends are better. I would just follow famous producers.
      1. Errazuriz
      2. Concha y toro
      For Argentine wines, they tend to use different grapes from Chile. So I just follow producers as well.
      1. Catena
      2. Trapiche

      Hope it helps~ :) Have a nice evening

    2. Thx for the tips. I think I've never tried Catena, so I will try to find it:)
      If you haven't tried "Misiones de Rengo" y "Tarapacá" from Chile, I strongly recommend them.

      Today there will be a "la nuit française du vin et fromage" in Alliance française, which makes me very excited;) It is a very rare opportunity to taste french wine here in Nicaragua. So yeap, I am ready!!! Hope you have a good weekend! TGIF:)

    3. Hi Carolina,
      thanks for the wine recommendation. I should try those.
      Hope French wine & cheese tasting was good. My weekend was nice with full of activities, but almost over :(
      Have a nice Monday!