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Friday, January 3, 2014

[2013-2014 Feux sur Glace] Montreal's winter sky lighted up by Fire on the ice

We drove to Montreal last Saturday to see the fireworks at the Old Port of Montreal which is known Le Vieux Port de Montréal. 

It actually was the second time of the year we went to see the fire on the ice or Les Feux sur Glace. You can see our last visit here.

(Marché Bonscours de Montréal (Bonscours Market) opened in 1847)

It was amazingly cold here during the Christmas week at -25 degrees Celsius or -13 degrees Fahrenheit, just before the temperature soared to -2 degrees Celsius on Saturday. What a capricious fickle weather it was. 

But, I'm not going to complain about it now since we enjoyed the fire on the ice at a mild temperature thanks to such a capriciousness of the crazy weather. :D We left home around 4:30 p.m. and had a pit stop at Rigaud, to buy supper at St. Hubert, a rotisserie chicken chain in Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

We arrived at Vieux Port by 7:15 p.m., but it took us about a half hour to park the car. The fireworks were free, but the parking was not. The parking was $20 at flat rate. Don't you agree that the parking fee of $20 is too expensive for a show(fireworks) of 20 minutes?

It was after Christmas, but I still could feel the spirit of Christmas :) 

We gave up the idea of skating at the Vieux port when we saw the crowd on the ice in the beginning of 2013. It was not so different at the end  of the year, especially when the weather is so nice. The rink was so packed that I didn't know how people could slide there. They must be enjoying the atmosphere and lights more than skating itself. Even without skating, it was fun to stroll around before the fireworks started.

The firework started at 8 p.m. sharp with the theme songs of 4 superhero movies, i.e. Superman, Batman, Spider-man, and Captain America. 

The music was exciting and the fireworks were beautiful.

Kids were happy and excited as they were outside and awake after 8 p.m.!

(On our way to the parking near L'Horloge du Vieux Port (Clock Tower of the Old Port)
Pablo just fell on the snow and wanted to be lifted!)

 There will be the last fireworks of this season at Vieux Port, Montreal tomorrow on January 4th. You can see the information at their website: 

It would be a nice way to celebrate the new year. :)

Happy 2014!
Bonne Année 2014!!


  1. Hi Colleen,

    I first read your naver blog, 82cook and now I'm here for the finale. The different writing styles make reading all three quite interesting

    Though I've never been to Canada except for the little visit I payed to see the niagara falls from canadian side, I've grown to love feux sur glace, I even waited for you to post about it. Watching fireworks is always a mesmerizing experience no matter where you are, but preferrably with loved ones.

    Last year was such an eventful year that I still haven't fully let go of it, but I hope you have a wonderful 2014.

    Happy new year(again!)

    P.S. I tried to post a comment here but somehow Google deleted it and this is my third attempt. So you might see three almost identical comments when all things are worked out... which would be embarassing...


    1. Ahhh thank god it worked this time and didn't leave you with 3 same comments. I was so worried!

      Have a nice week~

    2. Hi Julia,
      Happy new year, once again :)
      Thanks for reading all my posts. I appreciate it. (I didn't know that you frequented 82cook as well :)
      Feux sur glace itself is such a charming event I'd like to see every year. Nevertheless, weather could be a bother. We were very fortunate this time as it was really mild on that day.

      2013 was nice, but we still wish for a better year!

      I wish you a wonderful 2014!!

    3. Sorry to hear that it didn't work out right away. Why, on earth, did Google do that to you?
      Now, I appreciate your comment even more! Thanks! :D