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Monday, February 3, 2014

[The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane] A heartwarming children's book every adult must read!

Don't pass this book by because it sits in the children's section...this book is for everyone. I regret that I encountered with this book, only recently. I should have read this beautiful story in 2006 when it was first published. 

It's a beautiful story I already read more than three times from the first to the last page, twice by myself and once with kids. When I started the book, I had an empathy with Abilene, the china rabbit's owner, but I quickly switched my whole attention to this once arrogant china rabbit, and ended up caring about him dearly.

 The book is deeply moving, but this powerful story comes with a sadness which may be difficult for very young readers. The story may be more appropriate for older elementary school children to read on their own. However, it all depends on the acceptability of the child, I find it also could be proper for younger ones, such as my 7-year-old , as a bed time story. Yet, perhaps the story is best for adults, who can read this simple book in an afternoon but appreciate it forever.

 It took us less than a week to get through the book together. With 27 chapters, obviously we couldn't stick to the "two chapters per night" rule. I read about four to five chapters a night. It seemed that each chapter ended at a climactic point that just made you want to keep going, but I tried to end each night's reading at a point when Edward met a new owner and was loved, so that both kids and I could keep a peace of mind until the following bed time story time!

What a wonderful story. Kate DiCamillo brings to life the emotion of every little kid who has ever loved his/her dolls/stuffed toys. (My boys love their stuffed toys). It also deals with loss and real life issues. I fell in love with the china rabbit who felt insulted when he was called "it" . Edward's journey is a beautiful story to be cherished by children and adults alike. 

 Edward is a beautiful china rabbit that takes pride in his appearance. He has no love for Abilene, the 10-year-old girl who loves him. Pellegrina, Abilene's grandmother who gave Edward to Abilene on her seventh birthday, finally agrees to tell her a bedtime story, after a long time. The story is about a self-absorbed, beautiful princess who is transformed by a witch into a warthog and who is later killed. Abilene complains that the story was too short and did not end happily. Pellegrina explains that a story cannot end happily without love. Pellegrina then whispers to Edward, "You disappoint me".

And Edward's unexpected miraculous journey starts. Edward's family set out on a trip to London aboard the Queen Mary. Edward is tossed overboard and landed at the bottom of the deep ocean. Edward then lives with a fisherman and his wife, a hobo and his dog, an old woman, a boy and his sister, and a doll mender. Edward learns something about life and love through his experiences in each setting. I agree that many of the events in Edward's journey are sad and even grim, but they are necessary to the both the plot and the ultimate message about the importance of love and keeping your heart open.

You follow Edward on his journey after being lost by his owner. He finds himself in the grasp of several different owners (all characters in their own right) and locations, and each time, Edward learns an important lesson on what it is like to love and be loved. The book's illustrations are stunning, too.

It's a heartbreaking heartwarming, and brilliant book I would remember forever. The china rabbit's journey   teaches to love and appreciate people and things around you!!

This book should be read by young kids, older kids, and adults.

The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane


  1. Thanks for the more detailed review on the book! I'm visiting my cousin's place tomorrow and was wondering what to give to my nephew, and this book seems like a nice reading for children. Although I'm sure an almost-6-year-old boy would prefer a Lego set to any book.... and there goes my first impression. XD

    I'm visiting the US for the first time in 9 years, so I'm super excited I can't even sleep! I will definately check this book out once I reach the good ol' Barnes&Nobles along with other books you've recommended.

    Have a great day!


    1. Hi Julia,
      hope you had a pleasant flight.
      Hope your 6-year-old cousin likes the book. He may not be reading by himself, but it's also a very nice bedtime story, if he is used to chapter books. I find kids need some transition period between short kids' books and chapter books. If your cousin likes longer stories, he will definitely be interested in this miraculous journey of Edward Tulane!
      I wish you a nice visit to the States, with lots of fun! (You will like it too!)