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Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 Carp Fair

We went to Carp Fair yesterday, i.e. Sunday, September 25,
and it was the last day of the Carp Fair this year.
Weather was gorgeous.
It felt like we were having a summer again.
Mr. D, my husband, who dislikes the summer, started complaining. :(

We arrived at the Fair around 10 a.m. and the parking was already full!!
We parked the car far and lined up to buy admission tickets.

Almost 150-year-old fair~
It must have some good history.

(Exhibition building.)

Remi, my older son, submitted a craft(bookmark) for the fair,
 and wanted to see (of course) the "exhibition" first!

Last year, surprisingly, Pablo, my 5-year-old baby :), got the second prize for Kindergarten-Grade 1 category as 4-year-old junior kindergartener.
And of course, we were the most proud parents on earth!
He even got $3 of prize money at the end of the year :)
That was a very cute prize money indeed.

This is Remi's bookmark~

Label under his bookmark.

Just one of the exhibited bookmarks~

But, we were as proud as last year.

In my opinion, Remi's class' bookmark design was a bit off.
Well, don't get me wrong.
It was very much in details well decorated.
But, it looked more like a calendar than a bookmark.

That is why there wasn't a student from Remi's school got any prize.

Well, it was still good :)

Hockey stick decorations are always fun.

Kids wanted to have some rides.

I wish there were a day pass for rides.
But, it's only a wish.

You have to buy tickets or a bundle of tickets.
16 tickets for $25 or 26 tickets for $40.
Does it look a lot?
But it doesn't last long.

Any kind of rides charge 1-3 tickets (mostly 3 tickets!),

Ferris Wheel was our first ride (and my last ride of the day)

My favorite ferris wheel is the Skywheel by Niagara Falls.
But, this one was not too bad either. :)

Before the wheel moved.

We spent 12 tickets to take the ferris wheel.

You see.
Almost half of our tickets are gone this fast!!

This is the centre ring where you can see horse shows.

 Horses were beautiful.

The shadow of the ferris wheel.
This photo was also taken from the ferris wheel.

This is the main building where we saw the exhibition of Remi's bookmark :)


Then, off we went to see animals at the patting zoo.
I'm afraid of animals.
But, thank God!
Both my kids took after Mr. D and love all kinds of animals.

Remi feeding a nubian goat.

This one was so aggressive and full of will to eat!

Pablo feeding a llama

This creature looks exactly like a cow, but much smaller.

It's a miniature Zebu from African continent.

Remi loves patting animals and feeling furs~

I would never be able to do it in my life~

Remi was patting a nubian goat while Pablo was feeding it.
These two guys have two different interests (sometimes)

Each llama looks so different.

Funky hair ducks.
Aren't they so cute?
These are "crested ducks"

They were so cute that I took another picture of them.

You could learn all about pigs here :)

There was one year old sow(pig) with 10 two-week-old piglets.
I always wonder how a pig can be that big!

There was a train table display on the second floor(?) of the barn.

 As we are planning to visit a fabulous train farm in October,
we didn't spend too much time here.

Once upon a time,
Remi was so much in love with wooden train toys, especially Thomas, the tank engine :)


Now this little guy is more interested in how to fix the toys and build a train table.

As it's a country fair~
we made sure we'd see some horse show.

Handsome trio

These guys were alright.

Focus is on the nostrils~


Carriage drivers?

They must have practiced a lot for this show.

Isn't this lady's dress impressive?
There were a couple of fancy carriage drivers.

A zambonee for the field?

Around this time,
Pablo said he was starving.

He refused to eat a bacon on a bun, a staple food for Carp farmer's market!
Instead, he chose to eat a hot dog. How boring.

I love this peameal bacon, or back bacon sandwich.

This is the major reason I go to Carp farmer's market time to time.

While eating lunch, we saw this young man on the unicycle.
He was the same unicycler we had seen last year.

After lunch. I have no idea what I was doing.
and my husband doesn't remember why he took this photo. :(

Remi had chess club in the afternoon,
so we were busy using up our tickets.

Remi did basket ball games to earn two stuffed animals, 
one for him and one for his brother.

Pablo didn't care about playing game.
He was happy as far as he could get a stuffy.
Unfortunately, we forgot to take photos of Remi playing basket ball game ;(

This was a kind of super slide what you see at a water park.

As Pablo is such a small 5-year-old,
Mr. D had to take the slide with him.

Mr. D looks having more fun!

Remi could slide down all by himself~

It doesn't look fast.

But, it was pretty fast.

Remi refused to go on the merry-go-round.
He says he is now too old, 7, to take merry-go-round.

Pablo didn't say such a thing.

He enjoyed the horse ride.

Remi went to take a bumper car.

I can tell you.
He is not the best driver, so far.

Since this summer, Remi keeps saying that he will get his G1 license as soon as he turns 16.

But, I'm not sure if I will be happy to give my car key to him.

This little dragon train was for little kids like Pablo.

Before it started.

He had so much fun that he took it twice!

Doesn't he look brave?

There were also some scary rides.

But, we will wait for a couple( or a few) years.

On our way out,
we saw nice a nice vintage collection.

A 82-year-old tractor.

Full of rust.

But, it is a real antique.

How about this?

Inside was more impressive.

Ford emblem looked like this 60 years ago.

1935 Auburn replica

Auburn engine looked like this 76 years ago.

We wished we could stay longer.

But, Remi's chess club was waiting.

I'm sure the next year's Carp fair will be as good as this year's.
We will catch up next year. :)

It's Monday night.
I'm going to bed~
Good night.

2011 Carp Fair


  1. The fair looks fantastic! I wish I could go there. Pablo is brave indeed. Brandon has never tried a roller coaster. Wow... Didn't he get a prize this year? Most I want to try this fair is the fun slide. It looks so fun. Brandon and Dylan would enjoy the slide.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Foggy :)
    Thanks for the comment. His class didn't partipate in the fair this year. :(
    Well, that roller coaster was only for small kids, which is not scary at all. I'm sure B would be fine on it :)
    You should visit Ottawa~