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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[Millers farm] Visit to Pumpkin patch in Manotick, Ontario

We go to a pumpkin patch every year.

It was a bit late this year, but we went to Millers Farm last Sunday.

Millers farm is famous not only for pumpkins in October,
but, also for Halloween ornaments.

It might be easy for some people to pick a pumpkin,
but not to me nor to Mr. D.

Every year, Mr. D. carves a pumpkin with a different design.
So he needs a specific shape of pumpkin.

So it becomes even harder to pick one (or two) pumpkins out of hundreds of them.

This little pie pumpkin hut was so cute.

It would be nice to have such a little shed in my backyard.

But, how am I supposed to fill the shelves with so many pie pumpkins?

Pablo picked a nice cute pie pumpkin.

From inside out shot.

Happy Pablo with his cute pumpkin.

We didn't buy this one.
But, it was the favorite of Pablo.

He tried to hold the biggest one, but it was as heavy as Pablo.
It was not ergonomic shape either.

Remi was successful, almost... I should say.

We bought some Indian corns too.

These don't look like reindeer for Halloween, do they?

These ones either. Are they Halloween snowmen or what?
But, they were really well made.
I should have bought one.. as they looked unique~

Bales of straw~

As Pablo's skating lesson was right in 30 minutes,
we couldn't but skip the bales of straw.

Pumpkin Remi~


I don't know why I took a photo like this.
But, believe me, my focus was on Remi choosing a pie pumpkin, not pie pumpkins!!

Gourds choosing Pablo

This mister looks super serious, doesn't he?
But, actually he is not too careful. :(

 Remi was pickier.
He always is though. In that sense, this older mister is very consistent.

This gourd Pablo was holding was somewhat ugly, but still very fall like.
I just had to buy it.

Delicata squash or winter squash

We bought a very pretty acorn-shape sweet dumpling squash,
but, there is any picture of it in this folder. :(

 Boys on pumpkins

As we usually take only snap shots,
they are not used to pose in photos.

Boys sticking out tongues :(


These guys really don't care much about photo shots as you see.

 Then, we checked out before we went to see the gift shop.

This is my favorite one.
A pumpkin turkey~
or Should I call it a turkey pumpkin?

This is a great idea.
I may put some "violet" lipstick at Halloween.
I have to buy one first.

Pumpkin instruments 

Already spooky well before Halloween.

Rock star pumpkins?

Well, these ones are not scary at all.

That was our little drive to Millers Pumpkin farm in Manotick.

 Mr. D washed all the gourds and pumpkins to make them look shiny.
So they are clean and shiny in our living room~ :)

It's almost Thursday.
Yay. I love Thursday.
Lots of people don't understand me.

But, Thursday is the best day of the week.
It's not yet weekend, but it's so close that you smell the weekend on Thursday.
Friday is nice too, but it seems (and really does) the weekend already starts to click off.
That is why I give more credits to Thursday than to Friday :)

So, I wish you a happy Thursday!
I have lots of files to close tomorrow at work.
But, it will be fine.

Happy Thursday! :)

 - Colleen


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