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Saturday, October 22, 2011

[Skating] The very first skating lesson

Well, before the skating season 2010 started,
maybe Pablo was too small last year, I felt, to start skating.
So we didn't sign him up for a skating program.

And by the time we started to regret our decision, of course, all the skating lessons were full until the end of the season!
Oh, you might not know, but skating and hockey are two "Sacré" in Canada.
There shouldn't be any question.
You must skate~ and you must play hockey.

In Canada, parents roll out of bed at 6 a.m. to drive kids to a morning practice.
Believe or not, it is absolutely normal here.

Even though we hadn't signed him up for skating lessons, we brought him to outdoor rinks and rideau canal which it is claimed to be the longest outdoor rink in the world.

Surprisingly Pablo managed to balance, walk on the ice, and even glided.

We were totally fascinated.
Unlike Remi, Pablo learned to stand up very easily very quickly last year.

Isn't this amazing?
He was 4 and half at this time.
Yes. I was plowing the snow with my skates on while my kids were skating :(
(Mr. D was obviously taking photos)

This year, we were geared up, got prepared, and signed up Pablo for a skating lesson already in summer.

He must not be the youngest, but he was surely the smallest :(

He seems he is going to fall or off balance, 
but  thank God, he recouped his balance quickly.

Seriously, I love kids wearing hockey/skating helmets.

It was freezing inside.
He will wear a jacket at next lesson.

Well, it looked cold, but kids liked the idea of lying on their belly on the ice and listen to the instructor.

Pablo fell down and tried to stand up as he always does.

But, he didn't or couldn't and crying.
I figured it out a few seconds later.
I was his rear side, and Mr. D was taking photos at the other side of the rink.

Instructors hurried to check him.

And helped him to stand up. 
He said he needed time off from the ice and came out of the rink.
Can you imagine? I was soooooooooooo worried.

But, you know,
apparently he was totally okay, and went back on the ice about 30 seconds later :)

Pablo, listening to the instructor.

He kept putting on and off his gloves.

Remi is not taking tennis lessons anymore.
He is playing ball hockey every week now,
and his first hockey season starts next week.

He is super-excited.

Well, to be honest with you,
during his first skating lesson,
he was standing on ice more rather than gliding or walking.

Actually he was very happy to be on ice, but you can't tell from these photos.

He was not relaxing on the ice yet. He was a bit nervous.

That's why he does't have smiley face at his first skating lesson.
I think he will be definitely more relaxed

He was super concentrating.

These are an adjustable pair of skating.
Pablo started his first skating with this pair last year, 
and he still wears them. Hooray for adjustable skates~

Now he is smiling at last!

He looked like a good skater

Children-instructor ratio was not really low,
but, the instructors were pretty skilled young people, and they were very helpful too.

Listening Pablo

Remi was watching Pablo playing.

It didn't fall as you see from his picture. Don't you think he looked happy here?

Balancing fun. :)

Final briefing time.

No Pablo, you don't touch skates blade!

Pablo did a really great job at his first lesson!

Hopefully he will keep up another good session his weekend.

So that's about Pablo's first skating lesson.

Yay,it's weekend.
I just love weekends as much as any working parent would.

Have a nice weekend~

The First Skating Lesson


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