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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[Canada's biggest IKEA] $1 breakfast at the brand-new IKEA

Did you know that the biggest IKEA in Canada opened in Ottawa about a month ago ?
It's humungus (this is the adjective Remi likes. So I'm borrowing the word to describe the largest IKEA.

We wanted to buy a new duvet for Pablo, and knäckebröd (swedish crisp bread) for me.
So, it was a good reason(or excuse?) to go and see how the new IKEA looked like.
Believe me. Ottawa's old IKEA was the smallest IKEA I've ever seen in my life. 
(I've been in a few different IKEA stores in a few cities in four different continents including one in the other hemisphere.)
And finally we got a grand store :)

We walked through the show rooms quickly and went down to the Market place to get our needs.
That is why I took photos only in the restaurant.
(Anyway, it is not allowed to take photos in showrooms or market place)

Have you ever had IKEA's $1 breakfast before?
Well, considering it's $1, it's not bad, especially when all the furnitures and tablewares are all brand new at the new store.

Look. This is a loonie breakfast.
Well I'd prefer home fries made on a griddle instead of "fried" home fries.
I also prefer my eggs sunny sides up. 
But, that is not an option when you buy a $1 breakfast.

This is extra you can add.
Cinnamon roll + tea(coffee) was $2,
and bacon strips were $1 for a couple of strips, $1 for two pancakes?
(Don't quote me for reference of the prices though. I'm not 100% sure)

I think we paid a little bit over $10 in total.

 Pablo's eating breakfast while he was looking outside and the old IKEA.

As it was (kind of) early in the morning around 9 a.m., there were not that many people, even though queue was pretty long at cafeteria.

When we came back from IKEA, the boys didn't want to come in.

They played in the driveway and made a snow fort what we quite don't need. :(
 Remi digged out /discovered? a big chunk of snow.
Pablo used his mini goalie stick as shovel. 

 And he was brining these to the porch!!!
We have full of snow chunks and rocks on the porch :(

They play outside and also inside.
When they don't play, they make all sorts of stuffs.

Like the stuffs below:

A day before Christmas eve, boys made Gingerbread Christmas tree.
Well, they didn't build the tree.
Mr. D built the tree for them, and the boys decorated it.
I had bought it at Michael's with Wilton gingerbread cookie house.

The tree was also Wilton brand. But, much easier and nicer :)

It looks like Pablo did all the work in this photo.

But, the brothers decorated it together.

They were a good team.
They fight every now and then, but they are nice to each other, in general :)
They ate some candies, for sure, but glued most of them on the tree.

This was a fully loaded tree.

I already miss Christmas.
I don't want to get older too quickly,
but at the same time, I always wait for my next payday and next Christmas :(

The first grand slam of the year, i.e. Australian Open, started on Sunday, Ottawa time.
I'm so excited.
Mr. D and I have been watching hockey, and two different matches, at least, at the same time.
I'll talk about the draw once quater final matches be decided.
Meanwhile, Sens(Ottawa Senators) won today by 3-2. They defeated Toronto Maple Leafs in Toronto. Yay. Go Sens go!

Have a good night~

$1 Breakfast at IKEA


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