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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[Egg and Soldiers] Cozy weekend breakfast + Perfect timing for soft boiled eggs

My kids and I love softed boiled eggs, especially with strips of toast, a.k.a. soldiers.
Remi has always liked it since the first time he tried. For Pablo, it's more like an aquired taste.

A "soldier""   is a British term referring to a toasted bread cut into strips. It must be named after its reminiscence of the row of soldiers on march.

Toasted bread covered with runny egg yolk is like a heaven, isn't it? :)

To have eggs & soldiers breakfast,
you need only 3 ingredients seen above.

As a huge fan of soft-boiled eggs, I can tell you how to boil a perfect soft-boiled egg.

Well egg boiling sounds very easy. But, it can be tricky to have runny yolk while egg white is cooked well.

Here are the steps to boil an impeccably soft-boiled egg:

i. egg yolk is set in the centre when it's room temperature before it is boiled.

ii. It's good to have eggs pierced at the bottom to prevent the eggshells to get cracked.

If you don't have an egg piercer, no problem. A pin or a needle will do a good job too.
iii. Use the hottest water you can get from the tap. It's better to have enough water to cover eggs.

iv. Set the timer for 8 minutes when you place the saucepan with the lid on a stove and cook over high heat until the water begins to boil.

v. Reduce the heat to low-medium heat and simmer.
vi. Remove the eggs from heat immediately and run cold water over the eggs for 20-30 seconds to have them cooled slightly.
Meanwhile, have your soldiers :> ready.
We all know that whole wheat bread is healthier than white bread. And I also tried whole wheat bread to make soldiers. But, to be frank, I prefer the classic white strips to match with soft-boiled eggs.

As I said above, we eat soft-boiled eggs and soldiers quite often.
So, I happened to have this funny soldier maker.

It makes your job a little bit easy and faster.

You can just toast, butter and cut into 4 strips.

No crust please~
Let's say it's kind of hard to eat a soft-boiled egg in style without an egg cup.

Place a warm soft-boiled egg in an egg cup. Now, you need to cut the top of the egg with a knife, ,spoon or egg scissors. Oh, have I already told you that we had two soft-boiled egg monsters at our house? :D

So, in consequence, I happen to have a pair of egg scissors.

Cut the top of the egg, with mercy.

Dip a soldier into the runny yolk and enjoy~

I can't believe it's only Tuesday night.
I look forward to the weekend when I will enjoy egg and soliders for my cozy breakfast.

 Soft-boiled egg & Soldiers


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