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Monday, May 7, 2012

How to organize spices/herbs~

I'd like to share my herb organizing method.  :)
If you have a better method than mine, please share with me~

This is my kitchen island and I dedicated the two top drawers to my herbs and spices.

If I open the far right drawer, I have lots of spices here. I buy these spices in bulk/refill and put into small jars.

As I wrote a couple of times, I love all kinds of different ethnic cuisine. Accordingly, I equip with many dry herbs and spices.
Yes. I use all of them. Still I find spices I don't have when I see new recipes. Therefore, my spice inventory is ever growing.
You might notice already. This is a spice jar from IKEA.

My husband writes the name of spice/herb twice on transparent tape and stick one on a lid and the other on the jar. (He has much nicer penmanship than mine)

With this taping you can find the spice you want quickly.

Somtimes, I cut and tape from the package, too.

And guess what. This drawer is not the only spice drawer have.

I have one more spice drawer where I keep McCormick spice bottles and other "brandname" spices. McCormicks are expensive. It's hardly my first choice. But, sometimes you happen to buy a McCormick.

And you buy one, you can refill the bottle once it's used up. (I keep this original jar, but refills with the bulk oregano I buy at Bulkbarn)

In the box at the back, I keep refills~ I have more in my pantry in the basement. I know it's a lot.

I like all the spices and herbs, but my favorite one for all herb is oregano and spice is paprika.
Oregano is known as pizza herb. Have you tried oregano instead of hot sauce or parmesan cheese? It's sooooooooooo good. You should try! (But, please not on a bready dough pizza. It works best on a thin crust pizza)
A pinch of oregano brings your pasta to another level. :) For me, oregano is the mos versatile seasoning of all, along with Italian seasonoing.
What is your favorite spice/herb?
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