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Thursday, June 28, 2012

[Barbecue Grill] Gas grill rule #1 & Morning Barbecue

We realized just a month ago that we had been real novices about barbecue grill.
Having researched about barbecue grills, we understood why it had taken so long for our grill to grill steaks!!!
Good barbecue grills grill perfect steaks in 8 minutes~
And good gas barbecue grills are expensive!!!!
But, in the world of the barbecue grills,
there is an adage every barbecue king-wanna-be should remember:
Sadly, we learned it after struggling with $200 cheap grill for over 5 years. :(
And now we know that this kind of gas grill is for grilling burgers and hot dogs.

Now, we have a quality gas grill, even though we had to get a smaller size to buy within our budget.
If you want to learn more about gas grills,

I didn't take the photos of hamburgers and kebabs Mr.D made last weekend.

But, I remembered to take the photos of bacon cooked on the griddle.
We had a breakfast in the backyard last Saturday.
Did I say before that I loved bacon?
I think bacon is one of the top reasons I will never be able to become a vegeterian.

As Pablo doesn't like bacon, he had dooughnuts from Timmy's.
Pablo was wearing an Amish hat for the breakfast.

There was breeze and sun in the morning~
It was a perfect fresh weekend breakfast.

These are the baby tomatoes growing in my raised bed garden! :)
I will have plenty tomatoes. I can't wait.

Ayrton is our neighbor Sarah's cat.

He likes our backyard so much that he often stays in our backyard.

We will probably never have a pet, which I feel sorry for my kids.
I am grateful that Ayrton loves our backyard and comes daily so that kids could pat and hold him.

My kids like not only pets, but also stuffed animals.

Especially Pablo needs a stuffy wherever he goes.
My kids have at least forty stuffies each, and this number is still growing. :(

We started to consider him our shared pet. (Sorry Sarah~)

 I like animals as far as they don't come closer.

I was so glad that my kids like animals unlike me.

On the contrary, Remi and Pablo always want to pat animals like their dad.

He loved the milk kids gave him.

This is another cat of Sarah.
We find him in our backyyard almost every morning.

Pablo wrote the words on the driveway.
He practiced the words he had learned by heart the day before.
I think it's a decent hand writing for a 5-year-old kid.

It was a perfectly peaceful Saturday morning~ 

Brand New Barbecue Grill


  1. Amish hat on Pablo is so cute, and as a cat lover, I'd say Ayrton is quite photogenic! One thing I want to ask though - is it okay to give milk to cats? I have a cat and I heard it's not recommended since some cats can't digest lactose.

    Did you watch Federer-Benneteau match on Wimbledon 3rd round? I have to say it was the most nerve-wracking match I've ever seen, more nervous because Nadal's out in the second round. (What a shock!)I was hoping for Fedal final, but I'll just have to root for Roger.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. Hi Julia,
      oh... I'm not a feline lover.. So I was not aware of cats' lactose intolerance. I searched information after I read your comment and found that most cats were lactose intolerant while some were not. Oops... I should have been more careful. By the influence of movies and animations, I'd always thought that cats loved milk! Thanks for the information.

      About Federer-Benneteau match, I checked the scores, but couldn't watch the match. Checking the scores already cracked my nerves. Gosh... What a scare! Hopefully Fed plays better in R16! Fingers crossed. In current situation where Nadal is removed from the scene, I'd like to see Federer - Baker final, which seems almost impossible. :)

      Have a nice Sunday!