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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[Belated May Diary] Remi's tennis lesson & Mother's day breakfast

Winter is too long and spring-summer is too short here.
We have snow until April.

You can play tennis maybe for six months, if you are lucky,
in Ottawa.
Remi's tennis lesson starts in May and ends at the end of October.

We might bring him to indoor courts from this winter so that he can play tennis all year round.

As he grows, his strokes become more powerful and his eye-hand coordination is improving too.

Remi says he wants to be a doctor and a professional tennis player at the same time, which is certainly impossible. 

His mind would change more than a few times. However, he has been sticking with these two professions since he was five.

He is not even a good player,
but I do enjoy watching him playing tennis as much as I do Roger Federer's :)


 He hits some good shots, but rarely.

 As far as he enjoys it, I'm fine with it.

Have you read Andre Agassi's "Open"?
If you didn't read it as a tennis fan, you must read it.

It's a great book. I read it recently and regretted that I hadn't read it before.

 I've known that Agassi's father had forced and driven his son towards tennis, but the degree of his obsession and also dedication was beyond your imagination.
Mike Agassi's steering force was as intense as, if not more, that of Amy Chua, the infamous tiger mom.

I don't think I would be able to steer my kids to that degree, not even close.
I guess I am not very goal driven... Sometimes, I wish I was more a goal-driven person.

I took the above photos a couple of weeks ago when I remembered to bring my camera to Remi's lesson.

The photos below are the photos from Mother's day, taken by Mr. D.
Sorry for bragging.
But, I must show you and brag about my best-ever breakfast!

Remi, my 8-year-old son prepared a breafast-in-bed for his mother on 2012 Mother's day. 
 He toasted two slices of bread.

Buttered and then honey~, my favorite condiments :)

 Poured milk into the all bran cereal bowl.
All bran flake is my favorite cereal.
He brewed my morning tea, orange pekoe, and prepared cream aside. :)

 I tell you,
it was the best breafkast I've ever had!!!
(As Mr. D stopped Remi from bringing this tray to upstairs,
he came to wake me up. I was awake, but pretending to be asleep since I had been told  the night before, by Mr. D, to stay in bed.  )

 As you might guess,
we had a wonderful month of May.
Our patio project started in May is not completed yet.
But, still May was a nice month.
I'll post about my brand new patio, hopefully very soon.

May 2012 


  1. The boys are so sweet! I made my mom breakfast-in-bed a couple times but she wasn't so surprised.. I guess it only works when you're young:(

    Have you read "Rafa" yet? I was going to, but I think I'll try "Open" first. Sounds interesting. Hope you have a nice weekend:)

    1. Hi Julia,
      I agree. With my personal bias, I dare to say that my boys are very sweet :)
      You are a sweet girl too. Your mom must have been touched deeply, even if she hadn't shown it to you.

      I didn't read Rafa.. Open was a very very well written book. You'd love it if you are a tennis fan.

  2. Hmm, if Remi can handle it, he can be a good doctor and tennis player at the same time. However, being a doctor can't be a part time job unless he builds his own office. That'll be cooler! Btw, those are good shots of his lesson. Good luck, Remi. I hope you become successful! :)

    -Harla Gunth