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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

[MLB Opening week 2013] Witnessing a Disastrous Game for Blue Jays

The game of April 7th between Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays was the most disastrous game for a home team I've ever seen. 

I must have been at ball parks for more than a dozen times, but believe me, none of those previous games was this bad. 

Blue Jays, i.e. the home team and only Canadian MLB team, receiving wholehearted support of Canadians, was routed by Red Sox. 

The final score of 0-13 tells everything. Blue Jays had 7 hits compared to 15 hits of Red Sox including 6 home runs. Those seven hits should have yielded some runs, which never happened. (btw, the Rogers Centre was packed. 500 level was not an exception.)

We had a classic ball park lunch, i.e. the most expensive hot dogs and French fries. 

As game didn't entertain kids so much, Pablo who had waken up so early in the morning fell asleep, as soon as he finished his hot dog. :( There were not so many plays of Blue Jays to applaud or cheer for, Pablo could have a very sound nap :(

It was the dual between Aces of the both teams. 

Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey's performance was somewhat disappointing. 

He got rocked as Blue Jays lost to Red Sox by 0-13. 

The only entertainment of the day for Blue Jays fans was given by a fan who jumped out of the stands and ran toward Middlebrooks at the second base, his hand extended. 

Security tackled and handcuffed him and dragged him off the field.
Everybody loved the show(?) and supported him until he was dragged out. It actually was a great fun and a good fan service from Rogers Centre. :)

Well, the baseball game was not the only reason why we went to Toronto last weekend.

We had a great time in Toronto, irrespective of the baseball game. Still, it would have been even better if Blue Jays had won the game just like the day before when Blue Jays defeated Red Sox by 5-0.

Otherwise, everything was good. I love the dome of the Rogers Centre. It's really nice to always have right temperature at the ball park.

At least, we were very lucky with parking :) We found a street parking near Spadina & King, only 15 minutes of walk from Rogers Centre and paid only $6.75 instead of $25 of an event price.

It's only the beginning of the season. The Blue Jays spent an enormous sum of money to scout Melky Cabrera, Jose Bernabe Reyes, R.A. Dickey,  and more pitchers. It must be the largest spending of the team in past 10 years. 

So! let's hope our only Canadian team has a great season, just like in 1992 and 1993.

Let's Go Blue Jays!


  1. Were you in Toronto?? I also watched the game and it was totally shame!! I'm big fan of yours who live in Toronto. I visit your naver blog everyday. My English is not so good. That's why I hesitate whenever I try to write comment on your blog. Anyway you're my mentor and I've started cooking and baking by your great recipe. I'm always thankful to you. Even if you don't know me. May God's grace always be with you.

    1. Hi YH,
      yes. we had a great time in Toronto last weekend.
      I agree that Blue Jays were not themselves. Their play was disappointing.
      Thanks for liking my recipes. I appreciate it.
      Have a nice evening. Weekend is around the corner :) (hopefully)