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Sunday, April 21, 2013

[Roasted Salmon with Greek Yogurt Sauce] Perfect Salmon to serve hot or at room temperature

It's very hard to make a bad salmon dish only because salmon is a great fish with wonderful taste. Salmon is a hearty oily fish that can amplify a lot of nice flavours. Still you want to make the best out of it, don't you?  

As a true Greek yogurt fan, I try lots of recipes that use Greek yogurt. This salmon recipe is one of many that survived my test kitchen. :) 

I've made this salmon dish several times, and included it in my repertoire. 

It's just deliciously easy. I try to eat salmon as often as possible as the fish is known for its high protein, high omega-3 fatty acids, and high vitamin D content. I tend to eat even more often since I heard the fish is good to reduce dark under-eye circles! :) 

If you are worried about dark circles under eyes, salmon is the fish you want to eat :) 
Here goes the recipe.
(adapted from Marta Stewart)
(4 servings)
1/4 cup Greek yogurt (preferrably 2%)
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh dill, plus sprigs for serving
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh parsley
Coarse salt and ground pepper
4 fillets (160g each)
Lemon wedges, for serving


1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. 

2. Combine yogurt, mustard, dill, and parsley and season with salt and pepper. 

3. Place salmon, skin side down, on a rimmed baking sheet. Spread yogurt mixture on salmon.

4. Roast until opaque throughout, 10-12 minutes. 

5. Sprinkle with dill sprigs and serve warm or at room temperature with lemon wedges.

It's simple, isn't it? It is scrumptious! Warm vegetables are great companions for this healthy fish.
Hope you like it as much as I do.

Roasted Salmon with Yogurt Sauce


  1. Hello! Coleen~~ it looks delicious. Mykids also loves salmon.And Could you tell me how to cook asparagus on the dish ? I bought a big bunch of asparagus yesterday. I think it would be easy to cook. You always say you love easy recipe. Have a good day.

    1. Sorry. I have a wrong spelling on your name. Colleen, it's right. Bye.^^;;

    2. Hi Namhee,
      this is a great recipe that is not demanding :)
      I roasted the asparagus with butter balsamic sauce in the oven. I'll post asparagus recipe on Sunday.
      No worries about typos. :)
      Have a nice evening~

  2. I tried this recipe before, it was amazing!! I'm not really salmon person, but now I like salmon with this recipe. :) thank you!!

    1. Hi YH,
      I'm glad that now you like salmon. It's a great fish with rich flavours. :)
      Have a nice day!

  3. √Ďammmm, it feels like I can smell the just-roasted-salmon:) Sadly, here in Nicaragua, marine products are extremely expensive since they export most of them and import ones from the States..
    By the way, (it may sound a bit sudden) do you enjoy baking, using peanut butter? I saw one your recipe of "cookies of Betty" that precisely contain peanut butter; but I don't think I haven't seen other cake/bread recipes besides the cookies. If you have a great one, please share with us:)

    1. Hi Carolina,
      hope you can get salmon at a decent price when it's on sale! :)
      I had liked using peanut butter for baking before Pablo, my younger son, was born. He is allergic to peanuts, all the tree nuts, and sesame. Thus, unfortunately, I'm not using peanut butter any more. I don't recall when I used cookies of Betty, but if I did, it was a total carelessness of my part :(

    2. haha my bad. It was "Becky" from "A little Princess". To be precise, the post was published on the last day of March, 2006. Oh yeah, it was a long time ago:p
      I got a recipe of banana bread with peanut butter and yogurt, which turend out super moisture without delicious but excessive scent of peanut butter. (It looks like my boyfriend has an allergy to dry cakes.)
      Thanks anyway! Hope you had a great weekend.