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Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Apple Picking] A Must Activity on a Sunny Fall Day

As I already said in my "[5 Delicious Ways to Eat Apples]" post, I consume three apples a day. So you can imagine I need constant supplies of apples throughout the year. My favorite apple changes mostly depending on the season, e.g. Granny Smith in summer, and Golden Delicious in winter, and Royal Gala or Honey Crisp in between :) 

Well, I also do eat other varieties such as Cortland or McIntosh, but honestly they don't have characteristics of apples I like. 

 Mr. D searched vigorously until he found an apple orchard that has Honey Crisp trees. Honey Crisp is, just like its name, crisp, sweet and mildly tart!  

We went to Casselman, 50 Km east from Ottawa. 

I was so glad to have found a pretty little apple orchards & maple tree farm (sugar shack) like Le domaine Verger Cléroux. 

As it was still a family owned farm with still young trees, we didn't even need a ladder to pick apples on top. 

Kids just needed their dad to offer a shoulder ride. :)

Honestly, apple picking takes no more than a half hour because of the obvious feature: the fruit is too big, unlike strawberries or raspberries. 

Even if you become super picky, you can fill a 10-pound bag in a quarter an hour. We tried to pick apples as slow as possible.

(Remi had some hard time biting and chewing apples because he had a wiggly molar)
I ate two crunchy and juicy apples while filling my plastic bag with apples~

Still it was done in less than 30 minutes :(, after which we were offered a short tractor ride to the shop where we were to have weighed our apples and pay. 

Kids liked it even though it didn't last more than five minutes. 

Honey crisp was on a special sale for $1.25/lb. I've been eating honey crisp every day, and used two honey crisps to bake a batch of super healthy muffins. These muffins look too dark and healthy, don't they? 

But, in fact, these super healthy apple bran muffins are moist and scrumptious! I'll post the recipe very soon. Meanwhile, you can see my apple recipes I already posted:

Apple Picking


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    1. Hi there, thanks for visiting~ :) Hope to see you soon again :)