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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[10 Things to do when Camping] You don't have time to be bored while camping: (HÉKIPIA TENT at Sépaq)

We went camping to Papineau Labelle, Quebec, last weekend. Everything was perfect. Weather was really sunny and nice, even though it's fairly cold in the evening. As we don't have a tent or trailer :), we rent a HÉKIPIA TENT at a wildlife reserve of a Sépaq (Société des établissements de plein air du Québec ("Society of outdoor recreation establishments of Quebec", also known as Sépaq) is the agency of the Government of Quebec that manages parks and wildlife reserves)). 

At the Sépaq we went this time, we could have quasi perfect privacy in the middle of the woods. Even though there wasn't almost any civilization apart from the stove and fridge powered by propane gas - no phone, internet, electricity or flush toilet - it was a peaceful and nature friendly weekend. We didn't do any spectacular activities, but had plenty of things to do and and so much fun. Let me name 10 things I love to do while camping.

1. Make and Eat classic camping food such as bagged omelet, hot dog, and stove toasted bread.

We must have gone camping to eat! We ate well and a lot. 

Since Mr. D has been excited about cooking while camping, I didn't even bother to cook anything. 

He did everything from A to Z. I should say he is quite gifted in making camping food :)

 2. Drink a glass of a bottle of good red wine. You don't want to ruin your camping with some crappy wine. I don't know why, but to me, camping wine should be red! unless you have fish caught. We had a bottle of Gigondas.

3. Read book under the morning sunshine or flash light in the evening. You can read a book whenever you want, but believe me, you can't be more concentrated in reading in the woods than anywhere else.

4. Make a robust bonfire. 

Bonfire will not only maintain your body temperature, but also roast marshmallows for s'mores.

5. So naturally, the next one to do is to make s'mores with your roasted marshmallows.

It's so good that you would end up wanting some more, or s'mores! :)

6. Play badminton.

Badminton equipment is so light and easy to carry that you can bring anywhere including to camping. Remi and Mr. D pair's rally record was 76 while there were less than 50 rallies. Between Pablo and me, we hit the birdies about 20 times. So it's not too too bad either :) It's around 20 rallies between Remi and Pablo, too.

7. Rent a pedalo or canoe if you need more exercises. 
I can guarantee that you will spend your daily quota of energy in 30 minutes.
If you still have some energy to spare after pedaling a boat, you can fly a frisbee, of which I didn't take a photo, because I was flying frisbee fiercely.

8. Make a sand cake or a sand castle upon your taste. 

Kids love making this kind of sand cake thing and feed(?) it to the lake, Lac Echo, at the end. It is something my kids always do when camping.

9. Play chess in the woods. 

As Remi's game strategy has been enriched throughout summer camps and day camps, it's almost impossible for me to win over him. 
But, it's still fun to lose, in spite of your utmost efforts, against your 9-year-old son who makes so much better moves than you!

10. Have breakfast in your pjs (or pyjamas) before playing still in your pjs.

Kids refused to change clothes until they absolutely needed, to go to the lake.

And there is one more thing to do in the nature!
 11. Catch some fish if you can. Mr. D and Remi caught a tiny fish with only a sealable bag. I have no idea how they caught a fish with a plastic bag, but they managed it somehow. 

Oh, Remi returned the fish to the lake before we left. It's only because his mom refuses to have any pet~

Of course there are at least 88 other things to do while camping, but I'd stop at #11 today :) I'll post some great camping food very soon. :)

10 Things to Do when Camping


  1. Loved this post!
    I must say your kids have grown up so much! Remi does look like a 총각 now:D

    Here in Nicaragua, there are still lots of places where the electricity doesn't reach. Moreover, situated close to the equator, the sun sets at six sharp. So how do we enjoy the dark nights? We play cards or read a book with a headlamp on, which doesn't last that long (mostly because of the mosquitos), haha:( So we sometimes went to bed at eight or even before then! But the good thing is that you get up really early so as to enjoy calm and fresh morning, which I love.

    Btw, how do you make bagged omelet? I heart every egg dish, and it looks.. curious hehe. Plz share it with us:D

    Have a good week!

    1. Hi Carolina,
      I'm glad that you like this post.
      Yes, as I said before(, kids grow fast and I age (hopefully not so fast).

      Thanks for telling me about Nicaraguan daily life! :) It's very different and interesting. (I also love calm and fresh early mornings)

      I'll post bagged omelet recipe probably next week.

      Have a nice day~