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Friday, August 23, 2013

[10 things to eat when camping] Basic Camping Staples while Camping

When you make camping meal plan, you want to, or rather should accomplish two missions:
i. something easy, portable, and essential while camping
ii. something delicious especially in the wilderness
No. 2 is not so difficult since almost everything, if not absolutely everything, is suddenly so tasty in the nature. No. 1 can be tricky, since there are so many camping foods you can choose from. Camping food is not always prepared quick as you are not using all the modern conveniences. It's time to demonstrate your patience and some creativity. :) Normally, we try not to deviate from what everybody eats. But my kids are, not yet, not used to eat the same food for two meals in a row. I guess this habit would/should change once they have to prepare their own meals? :) Here are the 10 really best things we love to eat while camping: actually not in particular order!

1. (Of course) Hamburger~

When hamburger patties and buns are grilled on the griddle over the charcoal, hamburger patties are so juicy and even ready made patties transforms into gourmet hamburgers~ :)

If you bring basic condiments like ketchup, mustard and pickles, you are good to enjoy :) 

(@ Lac Simon in July 2011)
It would be even better if you have sliced tomatoes, lettuce and onion slices.

2. Crumpets/ English muffins/ bread

Crumpets  (or English muffins or bread) need to be well toasted, and then buttered. 
Toasted bread is special, not because of the taste, but more because of the camping toasting stand :)

3. Eggs

As I said above, eggs can be prepared according to your taste. Anyway egg cannot go wrong. Any type of eggs is good. One of my favorites is sunny side up because I really like runny egg yolk! 

When egg is the main ingredient, bagged omelet is also a great, but slow, option. 
It's delicious! Diced bell pepper is a must-ingredient for morning omelet!

4. Foiled meat & veggies

You dice everything and season before you divide into portions on a heavy-duty foil sheet. You seal the foil and cook on the griddle over the charcoal! 

This foiled meat & vegetables are tasty in your backyard, but especially delicious in the woods!

5. Skewers!

Same ingredients, but different cooking method! If the foiled meat & veggies are mainly steaming method, skewer cooking is a real grilling method :) It's very easy to prepare ahead or on site. I actually like both, but my kids prefer skewers~  They always call it "shish kebab" no matter how the skewers are seasoned.

6. Breakfast burrito

OMG, this is amazingly good. We tried it for the first time, and it was SCRUMPTIOUS!
 I was so impressed by its orchestrated taste, I twisted the ingredients and made lunch burritos for Mr. D and myself. 

It's "cook-and-assemble" method, but can be prepared the day before or can be made with leftover. Yummy!!

7. S'mores ~ of course, and roasted marshmallow

A good camping cannot be completed without lots of s'mores~, can it be?

I become pretty flexible for dessert while camping, because it's not something I do everyday. Kids don't have a second serving of dessert at home. 

This is once-a-year thing. They can have second s'mores, and even some roasted marshmallows.

8. Hot dog
This is a real staple for camping. 

So easy, and practical since you can use same condiments from #1 hamburger menu. 

Here, relish and olives are alpha plus. 

It is usually our last meal at camping site, because it's so convenient to eat! You don't even need a plate.

9. Corn on the cob

This is a great snack when camping where you often have either campfire or charcoal read to be used for cooking. I don't know why :(, but I forgot to take photos of foiled, then grilled corn on the cob. It's always fun to eat corn on the cob.

10. Wine & beer
Well, these are the last, but not the least :)

You'd better be sober, so a can of beer or a couple of glasses of wine are enough.

When I have a nice glass of wine while chatting by the campfire in the night, I appreciate the silent peace the wilderness offers. Well of course, I would appreciate the beauty of the nature, even without a glass of wine. :) But, a glass of good wine seems a great companion for such an occasion when you are part of the nature.

There are lots of great camping food, but the above ten foods are real essentials you shouldn't miss while camping!


Camping Staples


  1. OMG.. that burrito looks so good!
    Would you mind sharing that recipe? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Huwawa,
      I'll be more than happy to share my breakfast recipe!
      I will post the recipe next week!

    2. Thank you Colleen :D
      It looks a lot better than Chipotle's!!

  2. Huwawa, that's exactly what I was about to comment.
    Ñam, the burrito! I mean, that burrito itself looks very delicious. But come on, for camping breakfast? It's even better!

    Colleen, I guess your kids love to go camping not only for camping itself but also for the camping foods! It just gives so much value added: a hamburger vs. a hamburger in camping site. See that? hehe

    J'espère que tu as un bon week-end. (Est-ce que je peux tutoyer?)

    1. Hi Carolina,
      in MHO, this breakfast burrito is really really good! :) You will love it.
      I'll post the recipe next week.
      My kids love camping~ because of many reasons. Their favorite food of camping is, of course, s'mores.
      Merci. Bonne fin de semaine! (Oui, on se dit tu!)