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Sunday, November 6, 2011

[Train motel] The Red Caboose, Strasburg, PA

Well, it was almost a month ago when we drove down to
Amish Country in Pennsylvania.
You can see the Amish village post here ,
and Pennsylvania dutch Smorgasbord post here.
We stayed our last night at a famous train motel in Amish country, The Red Caboose.
It was so popular that we had to book a night already back in August, for a night in October.
The boys were super excited, of course.
A little bit of history about the motel:
(You can read more on their website.)
In 1969, Don Denlinger won a bid on 19 old cabooses being auctioned off by the Pennsylvania Railroad, for $100.
He moved them to a parcel of land near the Strasburg Railroad and turned them into train lodging in the heart of Amish countryside. (where did he get such a weird and funny idea?) He continued to add to his collection of train cars over the years.
Now, the motel has 26 train-car rooms.

From the photos of the website, any car room didn't exactly show features what I would expect from a room at that price. 

However, it is kind of understandable as most,
if not all, train cars are well used over a half century.

So it's definitely not new~ as you see.

We booked a room for 4 people.
There was a bunk bed and a double bed.
Kids loved it.

Well, but a train motel has very powerful and distinctive attractions
which you can't find at any other places.

I'm sure you may find these kinds of lamps at a flea market.

At least, the air conditioner in the room was not so old. (Thank God!)

It is turned into a stayable hotel room
and you feel like you are in a train, both outside and inside of the room.

and it is so cool that all the train cars are actually on a railroad.

At one point of their lives,
Remi and Pablo were enthusiastic about trains and they still like getting on a train, 

even on a subway. Unfortunately, we don't have a subway in Ottawa. 

So there haven't been many chances for my little guys to hope on a subway train.

To make a long story short, Remi and Pablo loved the Red Caboose train motel. :)

Well, any little boy or girl would like it.
That is why each room(train car) was occupied by a family with young kids.

Don't they look like they are leaving on a train? :)
In truth, they are actually on a deck of a motel(train car) room.


 Pablo was managing or trying to manage to balance.


It almost looks like a real rail road.
 As said above, the motel is located just next to Strasburg Railroad and you can see the trains passing by every now and then.

Pablo, on a steering wheel  out of our room.

As soon as Mr. D unpacked our baggage, we went to the observation tower on site.
 (Oh, by the way, I never pack or unpack any baggage when we go for a trip, not to bother my husband's hobby which is packing and unpacking the luggage. I promised him I would never dare to do it. :) 
I know I am such a good wife)
There was a play structure beside the observation tower.

The boys preferred playing on a structure to going up the tower.

We had to drag the boys from the the structure :(
Once they are in the tower, they zoomed to the top.

This shot was taken from the top of the tower.

and this is a shot from the bottom to top. :)

The boys needed an extra something to observe the scenery. 

Happy Pablo~

He wanted to hang around up there~

Remi could see well with only a little boost.
I can't hold him for long time any more. He weighs already 52 lbs!!

Lancaster/ Strasburg, Pennsylvania is such a farming country.
Most Amish people are farmers too.


Isn't this a peaceful and pastoral scenery?

The observation tower is not so tall, but it was just enough since there was no high-rise building to block your sight.

We loved the scenery in Lancaster, PA.

The train motel was very interesting and nice.
The only thing is that you hear horses' hoof clattering all night.
The motel is just in the middle of the Amish neighborhood.
That is why you hear buggies pulled by horses if your room is next to a road.
It was fun though. I would say it was a unique feature of the Red Caboose motel.
The motel is next to the National Toy train museum.

 I'll post pictures soon.
It was a very trainy :)

Weather is gorgeous.
Have a nice Sunday!

Red Caboose Motel, Strasburg, PA


  1. The scenery tells of a peaceful and comfortable place. How awesome it all looks! :)

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Virginia, scenery was absolutely lovely. We enjoyed every moment of our stay. We hope to visit again (hopefully soon).