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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[Intro 2 Hockey] Remi's first hockey season

Remi is 7, but he started hockey only this season.
He has skated for last 2 winters.
I don't know why, but we wanted him to be a good skater before he was introduced to hockey.

Then, he is already 7, an age a little bit late,  hopefully not too much.

Here in Canada where the first indoor organized hockey was played and where hockey is "the" sport rather than a sport, kids often start hockey at as early as a toddler age.

So, obviously Remi is one of the older kids at "Intro to Hockey" program this year. 

It's actually relieving to see there are other kids around Remi's age in the program.
Try-out season for 2011-2012 is already over last October. 

Remi will not join any team for this season. He will be learning skills and get ready for the next season of which a try-out will start already in September 2012.

All the coaches are enthusiastic and seem enjoying during the session.

Guess how many kids are in the picture above.
It looks a lot, doesn't it?
I know~
A session has 36 kids and 6 coaches on the ice.

But, arena is large enough for everybody..
Of course, the ice will be fully packed only with 12 players in a real game,
But as I told you, this is an intro-to-hockey session~

There are so many kids with same gear :(
The best way to follow your kid is to dress him a very original jersey, which we didn't,
or follow the color of your kid's hockey socks.
Remi's hockey socks are of stripes of black, gray and white on top.

Remi is a thin kid,
but doesn't he look so big with his hockey gear? Funny.

36 kids are divided into 4 different groups in 4 different corners of the rink, and practice different things.

They don't use sticks yet.

Remi scored quite multiple goals :)
This pose doesn't exactly look like anything related to hockey, but it happened on the ice.

I like Remi pursuing the ball/puck to the end.

It looks harder to hit the ball with hands than with sticks.

That is why Remi ends up hitting the ball in crawling motion. :(

Zigzag-ing between traffic cones.

The sticks are on the ice all together.
I've wondered how kids could find out their own sticks.
But, Remi comes out of the rink with his stick each time.

Oh actually they use hockey sticks during the session.

Like this :)

This little guy is learning skating now.
If you want to see Pablo's skating post, you can see it by clicking here.

He runs around the rink.
He also has a good time during hockey sessions.

Putting a kid in a hockey league is a big commitment.
But, that is a must, so we'd better enjoy it. :)

Have a good night and a wonderful Sunday!

Intro to Hockey


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